Gandhi Faces the Storm

Author(s): Gene Sharp
Book Weight: 60.00 (Gram)
ISBN(13): 9788172291914

About The Book

This is the story of the inner Gandhi from 1946 to his death. It is the story of his wrestling and searching, anguish and faith, his determination and courage. No one can understand Gandhi if he does not know what Gandhi went through during those two years. No one can evaluate his work unless he knows Gandhi’s own evaluation. In this small volume I have tried to carry across to the reader the main trends in Gandhi’s thinking and his final conclusions, being as true to the spirit as I could. Whenever possible, I have allowed Gandhi to speak for himself. Gandhi Faces the Storm is intended for those who already have some knowledge of Gandhi and who wish to learn more. May this not be simply another book about Gandhi which will be read merely for curiosity. May the reader examine Gandhi’s message in his heart. [From Author’s Preface]