The Story of Gandhi In Pictures

Author(s): Edited work
Book Weight: 500.00 (Gram)
ISBN(13): 9788172297176

About The Book

This book presents Mahatma Gandhi’s life in pictures. The great human was born in a remote place in western India. This humble, ordinary man in flesh travels along a path that takes him to coarse terrain of life. As the journey progresses, an extra-ordinary human being evolves. His pioneering years in South Africa moulds young Mohandas into a highly respected ‘Gandhiji’ as he arrives on the Indian scene years later. A tumultuous career unfolds most dramatically. He soon becomes darling of the oppressed millions, whom they so fondly called ‘Bapu’. He wins freedom of the motherland, through non-violent ways, and that becomes an unprecedented experiment in history. The Mahatma meets martyrdom just months after his dear country celebrated freedom. This book tells in a lucid flow of pictures and words the life-story of India’s revered Father of the Nation. This pictorial presentation of a great life will appeal more to the younger generation, but whoever picks up the book will find it an absorbing reading experience.