100 Tributes to Gandhiji

Author(s): Ramesh Thaakar
Book Weight: 2100.00 (Gram)
Category: History
ISBN(13): 9788172294519

About The Book

The title of this volume ‘100 Tributes’ can be interpreted in two ways: these are 100 tributes to the father of the nation by Rameshbhai in form of 100 portraits… It can also be perceived as one tribute each by 100 of Gandhiji’s contemporaries… Hence, the full title: ‘100 Tributes to Gandhiji on his 100 Portraits by his 100 contemporaries in their own handwriting’. This volume contains 100 portraits of Mahatma Gandhi sketched by Rameshbhai along with handwritten tribute by Gandhiji’s associate/contemporary on it. Care has been taken to reproduce the original sketches as faithfully as the technology permits. These portraits are arranged in the chronological order of the date on which the tribute was given. The Original sketches are printed on the recto right-hand page of the book, while the facing left page contains the details like verbatim script of the original write-up along with its translation in other two languages. The page also gives the details like the name of the tribute giver in English, Hindi and Gujarati language; short introduction of that personality; the date on which the tribute was given and the original language in which the tribute is written.