Discourses on the Gita

Book Weight: 50.00 (Gram)
ISBN(13): 9788172290665

About The Book

Gandhiji’s Gujarati translation of the Gita titled Anasaktiyoga was published on March 12, 1930. A member of the Ashram found it very difficult to understand and complained about it to Gandhiji who was then in Yeravda Prison. Thereupon, he wrote a series of letters in which he devoted one letter to each chapter on the Gita. These letters were sent weekly along to Narandas Gandhi for being read out at the Ashram prayer meetings. Gandhiji commenced the series with Chapter XII of Gita on November 4, 1930. The following week he sent Chapter I, with a general introductory note on the Gita. The series concluded on February 21, 1932 with Chapter XVIII. In Gandhiji’s words: “I give here, for the guidance of the inmates of the Ashram, the meaning of the Gita which my daily meditation over its teaching has revealed or reveals to me.”