Mahatma Gandhi (મહાત્મા ગાંધી)


The Founder of our organization, Mahatma Gandhi, is the author name of prime importance from Navajivan Trust. The mordern age of Gujarati publications, especially from 1915 onwards, has been influenced by his thoughts and deeds. Navajivan Publishing House is the key source for "Gandhi-Sahitya" so far. Find Books and E-Books by Mahatma Gandhi right from his own organization.

Gandhiji's autobiography, "My Experiments with Truth" is one of the most sold titles so far in the world since its first publication in 1927. However, Mahatma Gandhi's publications has a wider range and Navajivan has played key role in spreading his words over all these decades.

Books Written by Mahatma Gandhi

There are more than 100 titles on Navajivan Trust catelogue which says Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhiji and M. K. Gandhi as author of th book. However, Gandhiji himself had written Seven books in his life time. All those had been published in Gujarati first and almost simultaneously in English by Navajivna Trust. Hindi editions followed sooner, too. 

  1. Satyana Prayogo athava Aatmakatha (An Autobiography or My Experiments with Truth)
  2. Dakshin Africana Satyagrahno Itihas (Satyagraha in South Africa)
  3. Hind Swaraj (Indian Home Rule)
  4. Mangal Prabhat (From Yeravda Mandir)
  5. Arogyani Chavi (Key to Health)
  6. Rachanatmak Karyakram - Tenu Rahasya ane Sthan (Constructive Programme-Its Meaning and Pledge)
  7. Satyagrahashram no Itihas (Ashram Observations in Action)

Gandhiji, however, had written a lot of essays, views, letters, etc. and had given speeches to many key events in Indian Freedom Struggle. His expressions noted in journals like Navajivan, Young India and Harijan, Harijan Sevak, Harijan Bandhu, and many other places are comprising of wide range of subjects and fields, mostly on ethical matters. Navajivan Trust has published "Gandhijino Akshardeh" in Gujarati which has all such works said and written by Mahatma Gandhi. 

Based on the same, writings related to respective subjects had been selected and compiled by first generation personalities who had lived with and understood Gandhiji's way of life and had his own approval over academic matters.

Navajivan Trust brings to you almost all of the works said and written by Mahatma Gandhi in Print Edition and E-Book form for your reading.

Author Information

Gender: Male
Date of demise : 30/01/1948
Date of birth: 02/10/1869