Genesis of an Indian City

Author(s): Sara Keller
Book Weight: 1200.00 (Gram)
ISBN(13): 9788194920939

About The Book

Ahmedabad, the first UNESCO World Heritage City in India, owes its nomination in 2017 to the exceptional character of its architectural and cultural heritage. The city was host to the Gandhian movement and significant modern Indian architectural undertakings. It was also, and to start with, the capital city of one of the richest Indian kingdoms, the Muzaffarid Sultanate. Focusing on the pre-modern period (15th-18th century), the volume looks at Ahmedabad’s complex urbanity built on this multi-dimensional ethnic history and cultural identity.

‘Genesis of an Indian City’ is a pioneering work in the field of South Asian urban studies. Based on an architectural study, the volume raises the question of Ahmedabad’s urbanity beyond the materiality of its historical remains. What does the Ahmedabad case study tell us about the Indian city as such? What are its urbanistic components and how can ‘building archaeology’ add to an urban history where written sources are scarce? How do cultural factors and the urban body contribute to each other’s growth? These are some of the questions addressed by Sara Keller in this richly illustrated volume.