Avani Varia (અવની વરિઆ)


Avani has been engaged in research, promotion and documentation of India’s indigenous textiles, non-textile crafts and art since 1997. One of her focus areas these days is Museums of Ahmedabad—that is working to popularize museum culture in India.
Hailing from the Varia community, who are traditionally potters, is where she gets a deep sense of aesthetics and love for the arts and crafts. This combined with her formal education in design and teaching and a Master’s in Arts Heritage Management from London has helped her work in various professional capacities. She has been a manager, an interdisciplinary designer, curriculum planner as well as a promotion strategist with a focus on promoting heritage arts and culture. She has also engaged and influenced people from different walks of life by teaching and mentoring about art, craft and design.
Through her projects, she has been able to weave together educative and research-oriented design and tourism experiences aimed at safeguarding the Heritage Arts of India as well as look into sustainable income generation through these. Art for Wellness and Rehabilitation is an area of interest of her. She works internationally on projects and represents India at world forums via Arts, Design & Culture.
‘Chalo Charkho Ramiye’ is an initiative by Avani to raise awareness about Charkha and hand-spinning. It is as if she wants to say, ‘life is as simple as the Charkha, if one would believe it’.

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