Jawaharlal Nehru (જવાહરલાલ નહેરૂ)


Jawaharlal Nehru was an eminenet thinker and a heartful writer. The most of his works are addressed to his beloved daughter Indira (Smt. Indira Gandhi). His works include Discovery of India, Glimpses of World History, his Autobiography and Letters from a Father to his Daugher. He served imprisonment for nine times before independance. His works come from his days in jail where he utilized the time to educate his daughter about India and World. His works show in-depth analysis of the subject. Navajivan Trust presents the Gujarati translations of his works done by first generation associate for enthusiastic Gujarati readers. All the works serves great purpose to students learning history, politics and social sciences. His autobiography is a documentation of true accounts of Indian Freedom Struggle.

Author Information

Gender: Male
Date of demise : 27/05/1964
Date of birth: 14/11/1889
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