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The unity of the human species is not only a biological and physiological fact; it is, when wisely and fully asserted and acted upon, a great power. Human unity is actual in man’s universal capacity to think, feel, will, understand and act, and to apprehend spiritual truths. Human unity is a power that can overcome all differences of race, nationality, ideology or culture. Military leaders have aroused partial unity by means of fear, pride, anger, hate and lies. But unity can also be aroused, more fruitfully and enduringly, by love and the desire for justice. This book is a partial examination of how and why human unity can help solve human conflicts. —Richard B. Gregg

Author(s) : Richard B Gregg

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The Navajivan Trust decided to publish The Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi so that the message of truth and compassion could be conveyed once again to millions of people in India and abroad. As the General Editor of these Volumes, I have tried to make a representative selection of all the writings of the Mahatma which are of permanent value and have a universal appeal. The first Volume covers his Autobiography, which he called The Story of My Experiments with Truth. The second Volume of the series is Satyagraha in South Africa. In the third Volume I have collected most of the ‘basic works’ of Gandhiji, including Ethical Religion, Unto This Last, Hind Swaraj, From Yeravda Mandir, Constructive Programme and Key to Health. The fourth Volume contains a rich selection of letters which are either of historical interest or contain notable ideas on a variety of important subjects. The fifth Volume incorporates all the essential ideas of Mahatma Gandhi on philosophy, religion, culture, economics, politics, sociology and education. I earnestly hope that these Selected Works will be found useful by all those who are keenly interested in the study of Gandhian thought on different aspects of life. - Shriman Narayan, General Editor, The Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, From the Foreword of Vol. 1, August 15, 1968

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